Who we are

Our Core Values

Our values are important to us, therefore, we aim for our business values to reflect who we are.

Moab Adventure Rigs' mission is to provide reliable and comfortable outdoor adventure rigs, that can take you into wild places.

Thus enabling you and yours to adventure in the great outdoors in comfort.

To experience the wonder and beauty of our public lands.

And to engage and personally practice low-impact and respectful outdoor exploration.

Our passion is to explore the wonderful places that the United States has to offer, while practicing low impact and respectful travel methods. We strive to help you explore and protect them too!

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About Us

We are a family of adventurers, and enjoy exploring rivers, mountains, deserts, public lands, wilderness areas, cultural sites and so much more.

We have spent many years traveling the country in our four-wheel camper and wish to share the experience with you.

After many nights under the stars and many days exploring the desert southwest, we have obtained a healthy knowledge of the greater area.

Our goal is to get away from crowds and get off of the beaten path, find beautiful places, and explore the natural and ancestral wonders of this land while doing everything that we can to preserve and protect them.

Our Mission

Local, trustworthy and friendly service.

  • Reliable Toyota Tundra's maintained in house.
  • Easy to use and lightweight pop-up fourwheel campers.
  • Friendly local customer service and knowledge.
  • Fully outfitted rigs to host your adventure.
  • Thoroughly cleaned and sanitized rigs.
  • Appropriate add-on rentals to cater to your adventure.
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off service if needed.

Do it like a local

Do you want to travel like a local? Well, we can help.

  • We provide local 4X4 maps
  • We love to share our knowledge of the area
  • We provide Gazetteers of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico
  • We've explored extensively around the southwest.
  • Please ask questions. We'd love to help you plan your trip.
Who we are do it like a local
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