Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

  • We require 50% of the total rental cost as a deposit payment to confirm your reservation. 75% is refundable if you cancel within 30 days of your reservation. 50% is refundable if you cancel within 2 weeks of your reservation. 0% is refundable if canceled within less than two weeks of your reservation.
  • We will transfer the deposit payment to an alternate rental date within the same calendar year if an alternate date is available. Otherwise, the above-stated cancelation policy is applied.
  • Full payment is required 3 days prior to your rental and is non-refundable.
  • A $1500 fully refundable damage/security deposit is collected for the duration of your rental and will be refunded within 7 days of the end of your rental, should the rig be undamaged. If damage is found, a thorough report will be filed and the appropriate funds will be kept from the deposit. All remaining funds will then be refunded.

Are pets allowed?

  • No. We do not allow any pets. Please contact us if you need an exception to this rule.

What kind of 4x4 driving is allowed?

  • Absolutely no extreme 4x4 driving is allowed. Moderate 4x4 is allowed with ample prior experience by the driver.¬†Mild 4x4 is recommended. We do not recommend going anywhere with a double black diamond or higher.

Can you drive with the camper popped up?

  • No. The camper is not designed to drive with the camper popped up. It is made of lightweight aluminum and styrofoam and will get damaged if driven erected. Please make sure to collapse the camper and fully latch it closed before driving anywhere.

Can I use my insurance to cover the truck and camper for my rental?

  • Most likely, no. Most insurance companies do not offer coverage for rental RVs. Our insurance is affordable, easy to sign up for, and has good coverage. Please get in touch with us if you want to look further into using your own.

Does the gas tank need to be full upon return?

  • Yes. The rig starts full and needs to be returned full. If you fail to fill the tank before returning it, we will take the difference out of your deposit, plus a $50 service charge.

Does the propane tank need to be full upon return?

  • No. Propane use is part of the rental and we do not ask that you fill the tanks.

What MPG does the rig get?

  • The rigs average about 15 MPG. This varies depending on what type of driving you plan on doing.


frequently asked questions
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