Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, requiring a variety of add-on options. So, we've put together a collection of add-ons to customize your adventure to your interests.


We all like to recreate in different ways, therefore, we offer a variety of rack options to cater to your adventure of choice.

add-ons moab adventure rigs rack attach and cargo rack

Cargo Rack ($10/day)

moab adventure rigs add-ons bike rack

2-Bike One Up Rack ($10/day)

Yakima Roof Racks ($5/day)

moab adventure rigs swing away rack attach add-ons

Swing away Rack Attach (included with cargo or bike rack)

Portable toilet system

Get off the beaten path. Leave no trace. Pack it in and pack it out, with our portable toilet system add-on!

portable toilet add-on responsible human waste disposal also known as a groover

Portable Toilet

-$50/trip with a camper rental

-$150/trip without a camper rental

portable handwash system

Hand wash system (included w/toilet)

Extra Camp Equipment

For longer Overlanding adventures, you may need more cold storage, additional water containers, and extra camp tables.

6 gallon H2O jug

6 Gallon H2O Jug ($2/day/each)

45L and 65L yeti coolers

Yeti Coolers

35 L ($5/day)  65 L ($10/day)

collapsible camp table

Camp Table ($5/day)

The desert is a fragile landscape with life everywhere that is unnoticeable to the untrained eye. We are stewards of this glorious landscape and strive to educate and equip you with the tools that you need in order to adventure here with little to no impact. Please pack out any and all waste that you bring in. Make sure to stay on established trails or walk in washes or on rocks as much as possible. Have campfires responsibly, in established fire rings only, and when the weather is calm. Please drown your coals with water before bed and before leaving camp. Always drive on established roads. Try to leave this place cleaner than you found it. And try not to tramble the cryptogamic soil and the fragile desert plants. Thank you! We appreciate your attention to protecting this precious place that we call home.

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